Why Child’s Praise?

Like a dog that gnaws on a bone only to bury it for a time then sniffs it out again to gnaw on it once more, the idea of starting a blog has weighed on me off & on for at least a year. When it did I created a convincing column of Cons and pushed it to the back burners of my mind, pretending like I had convinced God that He was crazy.

Until He made Himself abundantly clear, “No, really. I’m not the crazy one.”

 My response was very respectful: “Fine! If this is really something you want me to do, You’re going to have to give me a name for this stupid blog…and a purpose…AND ideas.”

Over the course of an hour and a half drive, the same day as my childish rant, God flooded my mind with not only a name but also a purpose and more ideas than I could keep up with. I felt a bit like Moses and Jeremiah (because they found it perfectly reasonable to argue with God, too) asking, “Who me!? Surely not me! But WHY? I hate writing, and I’m not an expert in Children’s Ministry or spiritual formation in children.”

And God, in all His patient Glory said, “Just shut up and do what I’ve been telling you to do for a year now. And here’s a giant list of ideas for your ridiculous demands for proof.”

Well okay then. Thanks for leading me to start a blog about Children’s Ministry, God. And spiritual formation in children. Where I get to write every week. About stuff I’m not an expert in. Awesome. Glad we had this chat.

So Child’s Praise was born. Born from a desire to build a space for Children’s Ministers,Christian kidsvolunteers and teachers to have intentional deep conversations about child spiritual formation. Born to honor the faith of the children God has given us to learn from. Born to create environments for children to grow closer to God in our churches and in our families’ homes. Born to honor & glorify God for creating children to praise Him and for blessing those of us with the calling to work with these children.

On Mondays you’ll find a post from me on the week’s topic, and Thursdays will feature a guest blogger who will continue our conversation. Our guest bloggers will range from other Children’s Ministers, Pastors, professors & scholars, and of course, children. But rules were made to be broken and we weren’t created to live in boxes so some weeks we’ll throw the format out the window. Feel free to join the conversation in the comments section or head over here and send me a direct message or story you’d love to share. It may even be featured on a future post. You will probably not agree with everything that is shared and that’s okay, but please join our conversation with respect and love.

Will you come chat with us each week?

Lord, thank you for the praise of children that teaches us what it means to draw close to You. Will you lead & guide us as we come to this table to dialogue and share the countless ways You work through Children’s Ministry and the children & families You’ve guided us to? May You alone be worshiped and praised through Child’s Praise. Amen.




  1. May God use Child’s Praise to guide and encourage parents and children’s ministers to help children form stronger relationships with our Lord! This is a wonderful new ministry… praying for you as you begin this blogging journey!


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