A Pray for Your Summer

Every minister needs a Janyce Sisson in their lives. A woman who believes in you, fights for you, prays for you, calls you out when needed and loves you like her own. Her love for Jesus and for those who serve Him run deep. She’s one of my favorites and I want to be like her when I grow up. I’m honored to share her prayer for you, your ministry, your summer and your kids today. 

As this summer begins, Lord of Grace and Mercy, I pray for those who consistently, faithfully present the truths of Your Kingdom of Heaven on Earth to the young ones of the world. May these ministers of Your loving kindness find courage to meet the busy-ness of the calendar, the more involved projects and the increased numbers of people, even though many are small.

May they be reminded frequently that knowing You personally comes most often through a process built on many, many small encounters– stories told in memorable ways, experiences thoughtfully constructed and often just spaces created to allow You to show Your Glory. Bless these leaders of our children with patience and the humility to know they are part of what is always Your work within the hearts of those they serve. May they be nourished regularly by witnessing “magic moments” of faith blossoming in these young lives. And, Lord of Yesterday, Today and Forever, grant them the great privilege over the years to hear stories of mature faith embedded in those they served later grown on into adulthood.

Within the hearts these servants, God Beyond Measure, deepen the well of awareness of Your boundless love for them so they may continue to minister to these small ones from that place of gratitude and surrender. Greatly increase their discernment to notice opportune moments and situations to share a kind word, a gesture of affirmation or a just a listening ear. Enrich their storehouse of wisdom to call on as days grow long and energy deflates in the summer’s demands. Replenish the physical capacities, again and again, for these who carry Your Word and Spirit onto the front lines of childhood enthusiasm.

Lord of Mystery and Light, provide Your carriers of grace with surprising, serendipitous moments that reveal Yourself to them just for their own joy and pleasure. Bless them as they bless the lives of others.

Empower their ministry in transformative ways that only You can provide so they may grow the fruit that displays Your Kingdom alive in their hearts. Surround them with helpers and family support that enables freedom to minister confidently while boldly trusting You to provide for other necessities along the way. Protect them, All Powerful God, from darkness and fear that only serves to distract and derail Your good work this summer. Place loving encouragers along the way to make the warm days ahead alive with rejoicing and sweetness.

All these gifts of Your Holy Grace and Mercy I pray for these who have accepted the challenge this summer to bring Your Good News through tangible ministry into the lives of children of this world.


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