Love Letters from God

This year during VBS we scheduled some “Digging Deep” time: group time after Opening Worship. Digging Deep was designed for children to have some quiet, centering time with God at the beginning of their day.

On the day we were learning that “God is Love” their Digging Deep activity was to write a love letter from God to themselves. What did they think God wanted to tell them? What did God love about the way He created them? Why does God love them? Children entering kindergarten through 5th grades wrote & drew letters from God.

For most, this was the first time they had ever done anything like this before. But God showed up and spoke to the hearts of our children. Here are some of their letters.

letter 10

“Dear Liam, You are good at defense. I love you. You are cool. God”


Letter 1

“All of my love is for the PEOPLE”


Letter 2

“Dear Salome, When you go to your new school, be yourself and be gentile, nice and calm. Love God.”

letter 3

“Dear Reine, I made you special just the way you are. And I love [you] so much. Love your mom & dad. From: Jesus. Love Jesus”


letter 4

“Dear Blake, I love you Blake because you are so nice to others and because you are so nice to your family.”


letter 5

“Dear Gretchen I am coming down like you think I am. Love God”


letter 6

“Dear Brady, I love you so much you make a lot of [people] laugh too. I think you are awesome! Love God”


letter 7

“Dear Harry, Thank you for being smart, in good shape, kind and loving. Love, God”

letter 8

“Dear Mazen, You are cool, awesome, amazing, and smart.”

letter 9

And my personal favorite… “A person [full] of love. God bless you”

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