Back to School

It happens every year…

Summer disappears and no one is quite sure where it went.

back to school.jpg

I’ve worked for churches that had a crazy jam-packed summer of Children’s Ministry events & activities and now for a Children’s Ministry that is very low-key in the summer and August seems to come quickly no matter the summer schedule. So how do we make Back to School intentional no matter what our summer has been like? Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Consider hosting an Open House/Meet the Teacher night before the new school year launches in Sunday School. Open all the spaces so that children can see where their new classroom will be & meet their teacher.
  2. Encourage teachers/small group leaders to dedicate some time during the first class together with some get to know you activities. It’s also important that they communicate expectations & class time procedures from the beginning. These activities may need to be repeated the first few weeks also as we often don’t have the same kids each week. Even if nothing has changed from the previous school year it’s always best practice to review these policies & procedures since summer has a way of making everyone forget what they already know.
  3. Communicate with families. You can never over-communicate with families. Use any & all methods you have in place to communicate what families can expect on Sunday morning.
  4. Consider hosting a Family Meeting. Family Meetings can be logistically tricky if this is new to your ministry but it is so worth it. Use these meetings with parents & guardians to communicate your ministry’s mission & vision, upcoming changes, school year dates they need to know, and recruit new volunteers & communication information from families.
  5. Train your volunteers! Use the launch of a new school year to re-train your teachers, update background checks, & re-communicate your ministry’s mission & vision.
  6. A new school year often makes many children nervous & anxious. Host a special prayer service just for Back to School. Pinterest has lots of Back to School prayers or create Prayer Stations centered around the school year.
  7. Empower families with tips for Back to School. Again, Pinterest is your friend.

I’d love to hear what you do to make Back to School intentional for your families. Share in the comments!



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