God definitely has a sense of humor. I find myself in a place of previously stated “never” and “no” and “not me.”

  • I thought I’d never work for a church.
  • Then, I didn’t think I’d work in Children’s Ministry for more than a year or two.
  • I never wanted to work at different churches because, you know, staying at one church forever is always best.
  • I never thought I’d move to Tennessee.
  • I knew I’d never move back to San Antonio.
  • Or work for that church.
  • Or write a blog, because I hate writing.

So here I find myself, back in San Antonio for the 3rd time still working in Children’s Ministry at my third church in 6 years while starting a blog. Are you kidding me?

And yet, I am so grateful that God ignored every “never” and “not me.”


Here’s what I do know for sure…

  1. I have made tons of mistakes in Children’s Ministry. And still do.12642715_10100528163263927_4838286343380229146_n
  2. I’m blunt. See #1.
  3. I am not a Children’s Ministry expert. Just trying to follow wherever God leads me.
  4. My heart beats for Children’s Ministry and working for this beautifully broken Church.
  5. My kids teach me so much about God and what it means to have true, unrelenting faith. Probably more than I teach them.
  6. Children have a beautiful desire & ability to practice spiritual disciplines. The only thing cooler than seeing a child sit in God’s presence is watching adults moved to tears when they see that kids really are capable of hearing from God and crave time with Him.
  7. I’ve worked at churches of 200, 700 and now 5,000 and Children’s Ministry looks drastically different at each. And it looks the same.

Child’s Praise is not about having all the answers or sharing the perfect formula for spiritual formation in children. It’s just born from my desire to follow where God leads to create a space for conversation for those who are passionate about helping children encounter God, too. I’d love for you to join us at the table as we all learn from one another.

~Danielle Lair

One comment

  1. Thank you Danielle. I look forward to seeing how God continues to lead you and for good things from your blog. I’ve said “never” and “not me” many times through my life too and yep, that’s just what I find myself doing. God does have an incredible sense of humor. Blessings to you in your work. Deena Stanley


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