Hi friends,

Between the holiday and being sick this week, I haven’t accomplished much writing. I really apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday. Thanks for your understanding. Have a blessed weekend!



My Prayer for You

There’s this crazy beautiful responsibility God has entrusted to each of us. Whether you are paid or volunteer, the calling is real and deep and heartfelt. And the struggle is real, too. Nothing about this responsibility is easy or simple. So this week is dedicated to you, dear reader, who loves children and serves them week after week despite the challenges and the difficulties. Despite the scars you carry because church work is hard work. This is for you who can’t escape Children’s Ministry because your heart beats for kids’ spiritual formation. This is my prayer for you. May you be encouraged and know what you do is making a difference.

Lord, I bless You and honor You as King of the Universe, Creator and lover of children. Thank you for setting an example for us of how to welcome children with open arms. Thank you for calling us your sons and daughters. Thank you for making a place for us at Your table. Thank you for this crazy beautiful responsibility. Thank you for blessing us with gifts to accomplish what You’ve set before us. Continue reading